Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They taught me different things

I've written many blog entries about my mom, so I'll dedicate this one to my "dad".

My parents got married because my mother was pregnant, her "first time" no less. It was a myth that came true to life. He was a jerk from the beginning as I'm told and they finally got a divorce when I was three. My mother never looked back. My childhood was great. I never wished them back together and though I love my mom, I hoped for more time with my dad.

I thought I would be able to get this when I moved into his house three years ago while he was away in Brazil. He came back and things were good. My daughter was getting to her grandad and I was happy for that. Then, instead of him going back to Brazil with his gf, who is also the same age as me, he brought her and her two daughters to live with us, married her and treated the girls way better than he ever did my sister and I. They eventually took over the house and he asked me and my daughter to leave which I did gladly because his wife was turning me into a person I didn't like.

That situation taught me two things...I can and will make it living on my own and that my father is exactly who my mother thought he was so many years ago. Had anyone told me I would came out of this with something positive I wouldn't have believed it, but I did. I learned for myself that my "dad" doesn't care anything about me and it only made me stronger because he is the one missing out.

I know I said I was dedicating this one to my father, but I couldn't let it pass without saying how thankful I am to my mama for the way she raised me, most times having to be mom and dad and making me the stong, independent woman I am today.

I love you mom, with your crazy self :-).

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