Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grammar "Rules"

Ok, these things have really irritated me for some time now...

Yaaaay is not the same as Yeaaaah!

To and too are TWO different words.

There, their, and they're are not interchangeable, same goes for where, were, and wear.

It is she and I NOT me and her.

Weather describes how hot it was yesterday, Whether is a conjunction.

An idiom is not the male version of idiot! Although, most women might disagree.

An Effect is the cause of how a love lost Affects you!

Then and Than only differ by one letter, but I promise they are NOT the same word.

You're getting on my nerves with Your incorrect usage of the English language.

You can have GOOD friends, but you must speak WELL.

That is all for now...

Giving Up

A while back I posted a status on facebook that said ” I give up”. I didn't explain it at the time, but there are a lot of things in my life right now that I have been desperately trying to accomplish, with no luck.

In my past experience, when I give up on something it usually comes to fruition. So, here is a list of the things I was referring to in the previous status...

Attemping to make AVON a real business

Getting a pet

Having a successful relationship with my best friend, whom I'm not so sure even wants to be that anymore

Growing my hair out

Getting my master's degree (although I didnt try too hard on this one)

Having a career and not just a job

Decorating my home as I envisioned it

Taking a REAL vacation

And so many others that are floating around in my head...