Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Week!

I am tired to say the least, but most of it was good.


I got my hair done (just in time for my birthday) by my wonderful sister who loves me more than any biological sister could. It is still looking fabulous today, but this is what it looked like when she first did it, and we got to spend the whole day together!


Happy Birthday to ME!

From my facebook messages and texts, to all the wonderful gifts/cards I received, I felt the most loved. 

I got to spend the day with my sister again, not doing too much at first. Then after she picked up all the kids from school we went to the movies. The girls saw Devil (make link) and my sis and I saw Legend of the Gaurdians (make link) with my nephew and our other friend. The movie was very cute, like an action movie, but with owls. I would recommend it.

We got back to "Mom's" apartment and to my surprise, she had cooked dinner for me and thanks to my sis for keeping the secret, these were also waiting for me...

Everything was so good, and this is where the cupcakes ended up!

They really love me huh?


Back to work, where I got another surprise from the people I didn't even know knew it was my birthday. One lady made me a pumpkin cheesecake, it tasted ok, but the gesture was lovely. They tricked me into coming into a meeting that I wasn't originally invited to and sang Happy Birthday! I also got another gift and more cards from my supervisor and a couple of the students.

All of the staff signed it awwwww!

How happy I am wearing the sweater given to me by the bestest supervisor ever! I love you Darran!

Afterwards, I made my sister smile by giving her a much needed gesture and token of love from me. It felt good. Then, it was off to Rajanee's audition for Mosaic, for which she chose to sing and not act. This was a surprise to me, but I trusted her judgement and also because I know she really can sing. The audition went well and even she said she was proud of herself and even if she doesn't make it, she got a huge confidence boost just by doing it!


It was an awesome day for the mostpart. I left work early to go to my doctor's appointment, which I had been dreading all week. It turned out to be better than I could've imagined. The nurse said she was so proud of me for keeping up with my health, not smoking or drinking and my blood pressure was normal. Then I had the most attentive and nice midwife ever since I had been going to this clinic. She made me feel comfortable and the exam went off without a hitch. I was out of there in no time! But the best news I got was that since I had always had normal exams and I have no family history of breast cancer, I don't have to get a mammogram until I'm 50! Oh happy day, until...

Enter Evil Teenager!

I met her at school, which I don't normally do because I'm on the other side of the street where her school is. But, since my doctor is closer to her school, I decided to wait for her until she gets out (which she knew already because I had told her earlier that morning). Anyway, she gets all upset saying that I'm embarrasing her etc. And doesn't want to go to the McDonald's near her school, but quickly changes her mind because I know she's hungry. But, I told her she doesn't have to worry about me coming home with her anymore and she can go alone! So we get home, and I'm totally tired from earlier in the week, everything is fine, for a while, until she gets the gawl to yell at me number one, and over something as stupid as what clothes she has clean! I told her to get away from me and don't talk to me at all until she was ready to apologize. So, she stayed in the kitchen almost all night, until my grandma made her get out (but I'm still not talking to her).


Evil teenager is trying to be nice, but I ignore her, because she still hasn't apologized. I go to work, have a quiet and productive day, sold my G1 finally, my friend Anita treated me to lunch since I didn't get to see her on my birthday. We went to Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes where I had the "Sarah" (chevre, red pepper, spinach, and mushrooms, topped with balsamic vinegar). I stuck to my guns and made Raja come home by herself, although she wasn't actually alone, but with her friend, so I didn't feel as bad, although I shouldn't :-). 
I went to pick up my prescription and found out it was cheaper than I originally thought, so that was good. Got home before Raja and wondered if she would still be in a bad mood, but didn't care too much. When she got home, I asked her if she was ready to apologize, to which she said yes and did. I asked why and she said for yelling and for disrespecting me. I accepted, although I kinda think she may have done it just so I wouldn't cancel her sweet 16 party.

Good day returned:

She made the Main Stage Ensemble at Mosaic! All my ill feelings went away and I was sooooo happy! Now comes the hard work, rehearsals, performances, and all while keeping her grades up. But, I know she can do it!


Nothing too special, I did manage to get some rest, I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, while Raja did the food inventory of the fridge and freezer. We had an awesome breakfast, cooked in my new Xpress Redi Set GO cooker. I'll make a separate post about how much I love it later. We also had a nice dinner, after a trip to family dollar in which I forgot two of the things I needed most lol. We watched some movies, then went to sleep.

Today is the first meeting of the Mosaic team, then we're off to have dinner at Ci Ci's with the fam.