Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random things that irritate me (pt. 2)...

People who talk about how others look when they aint the cutest themselves.

Women who get all holier than thou about premarital sex now that they're married/engaged when they were just getting it on last week!

People who cuss at their kids for no reason at all...IN PUBLIC!


Women who wear sandals and don't even bother to wash their caveman looking feet.

The fact that I don't have air conditioning.

When people don't use yeah and yay properly.

Bad grammar in general.

So-called digital TV.


I'm sure I will add more as my week progresses.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Women behind Wanda

Mama, with whom it all began, a name that speaks volumes with no more being said. We've had our ups and downs, but through it all I know nobody loves me more. I hope to always make her proud.

Grandma, the woman who has been there for me when nobody else was. She knows what I need without me even saying a word. Tough love was not in her vocabulary but she definitely loved hard. It is she who taught me to never settle for less than I'm worth and always remember where I came from. words can ever express what you have brought to my life. If I hadn't given your brother my number at that skating party so many years ago, I'd probably not even know you and now I can't imagine my life without you in it. We couldn't be any closer if we were siamese twins.'re the only one I can not talk to for any amount of time and it's like we just spoke yesterday. We've both grown up quite a bit, but those days of hanging out at Hart Plaza and dressing in the same clothes are forever etched in my heart. The term bff doesn't begin to sum up our ever lasting relationship. I know you'll always have my back and trust that I'll always have yours.

Darran, whose always looked out for me. You not only took me on, but my daughter as well. We lost touch for a while, but fate brought us back together and I couldn't be happier to be working with you again. My supervisor, my idol, role model and friend. You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Anita...we have more in common than I think even we both realized. I am so happy to call you friend. You truly are my "sister from another mister".

Wendy, whose always had my best interests at heart and knows what I need to hear before I even ask the'll always be that special person I admire for so many reasons.

Voni, from the moment we "met" I knew you were one lady I always wanted in my corner. You have inspired me in ways I didn't even know were possible.

Lizzy...I never thought I'd find a friend so far away whom I'd confide in as much as you. Thank you for always being my crying shoulder and listening ear.

Carol...what can I say, girl we've been through some rough stuff, but you never let it get you down. You give me hope in more ways than one and I'm so glad you chose ME to be in YOUR circle.

Bethany...we met at Church, no more fitting place, for God doesn't make mistakes and I'm so glad he brought us together.

Katherine...we found our way back to each other and I'm so glad we did. Nobody lifts my spirits the way you do.

Kellie...who would've thought a group could bring so many people together. You've entrusted me with so much and never regretted that decision. I am so proud of how you've taken your life in the right direction and you've inspired me to do the same. matter how rough life gets for you, you're always there to lend kind words to someone else. That is a rare quality and I'm glad to have been on the receiving end of it.

Genise...I've known you so long I don't even remember how we first started our friendship. But, I am so glad we did. I only wish we lived closer so I could give you all the support you need.

Tracey...You've been more to me than I think even you realize. I know your faith in friendship is shakey, but I'm glad you gave me the chance to brighten your day and I'll be there for you as long as you want me to be.

To all my real family, my aunts, cousins and my only bio sister Michelle...we lost some time through no fault of our own, but I love you greatly and pray that our relationships are forever unchanged.

I know I couldn't mention everyone, but please know this is in no way a reflection of you not being a very important part of my life. I thank God every day that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who love me for ME and I greatly return the sentiment.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have decided...

As I typed this title it reminded me of a song I used to sing in Vacation Bible School...'I have decided to follow Jesus' and although that wasn't the original thought of my post, it does kind of symbolize the direction of my life right now. I've been so focused on doing what I thought I wanted and not listening to what God told me to do, but recently found out that following his way is always the RIGHT way.

The real reason for this post is about my weight. It has been an ongoing struggle for the past year and I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that I don't get enough exercise, which will change once I move, but that is a slow going process as well. So, from this day on I will not focus on numbers anymore, a statement I have made before and didn't stick to. I am going to continue to eat right and if the pounds drop, so be it, but if not I will not stress anymore.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Turn off the TV!

I know we all love our favorite programs (GLEE is my fav of the moment), but sometimes we do spend way too much time in front of the tube. Aside from it taking away from exercising, i.e. couch potato syndrome, starring at the screen for hours on end drains your eyes and your energy in general, which makes you tired and you lay down and just watch even more TV. It's a never ending cycle. The list below was borrowed from a member of my "Staying Healthy" group...Picture of Health. Please check it out if you're interested.

Turn off the TV, and…

  1. Learn about native trees and flowers in your area.
  2. Plan a picnic or barbecue.
  3. Go bird watching. Learn names of local birds.
  4. Walk the dog. Wash the dog.
  5. Plant a garden. Work in your garden.
  6. Take a nature hike.
  7. Feed fish or birds.
  8. Watch the night sky through binoculars; identify different constellations. Observe the moon.
  9. Learn to use a compass.
  10. Take photographs and then organize them into an album.
  11. Do yard work.
  12. Go Camping.
  13. Take an early morning walk.
  14. Climb a tree.
  15. Watch a sunset; watch the sunrise with a friend.

Turn off the TV, and…Part 2

  1. Listen to the radio.
  2. Write an article or story.
  3. Paint a picture, a mural or a room.
  4. Write to the President, your Representative or Senator.
  5. Read a book. Read to someone else.
  6. Learn to change the oil or a tire on a car.
  7. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  8. Make cookies, bread or jam and share with a neighbor.
  9. Read magazines or newspapers. Swap them with friends.
  10. Go through your closets and donate items to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or a local rummage sale. Have a garage sale.
  11. Start a diary or journal.
  12. Play cards.
  13. Make crafts to give as gifts. Try a new craft.
  14. Do a crossword puzzle.
  15. Save money! Cancel your cable TV!
  16. Learn about a different culture. Have an international dinner.
  17. Teach a child some of your favorite childhood games.
  18. Study sign-language.
  19. Write a letter to your favorite author.
  20. Cook dinner with friends or family.
  21. Make cards for holidays or birthdays.
  22. Play chess, bridge or checkers.
  23. Play charades.
  24. Have a cup of coffee and a conversation.
  25. Repair or refinish a piece of furniture.
  26. Make a wooden flower box.
  27. Wake up early and make pancakes.
  28. Read a favorite poem.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What does your sleep position reveal about you?

Sleep is important and everything we do reveals something about us. This article encompasses the two and I found it very interesting.

What does your sleep position reveal about your personality? - Healthy Living on Shine

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh what a difference a day makes!

Begin Hell Week...

Monday, the day when all our new students come in to take their placement exam and get the info they need for starting classes at our institute, wasn't as bad as I had originally anticipated, actually got to leave around 3:30 and didn't encounter too much drama or stupid people. Rajanee and I went and ate Sushi (my favorite thing) and a had a good time together.

Tuesday was an awesome day (other than a little rain). I worked long and hard, but for some reason it didn't bother me. I went and picked out Mother's day cards, which seemed like it took forever, but I enjoyed it. An email of a lovely house made me happy and may become my new home.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon...ALL hell breaks loose and it was enough for the entire week! This was registration day for the students and surprisingly that is not where the drama was. We didn't get as many students as I thought we would, so it was a pretty serene day considering previous semesters. So, as the day is winding down and the students are leaving, I decide it is a good time to do some of the work I couldn't do in the morning. I have an excel file that is shared between myself and my supervisor, it contains all the information about incoming students' applications and all the processes involved. It is housed on a server that is run by the University (apparently). Somehow the damn thing crashed while neither of us was even in it! I was also unable to get into my grade database and now nobody in the department can either. Everybody is freaking out! Now, comes the real phone was plugged into the computer at the same time and whatever happened fried my memory card. I tried everything I knew of to retrieve the data, but nothing worked. I finally realized that the only thing I could do was to reformat the card, and even that was a task. I tried three different ways, multiple times and two hours later it finally worked, but I lost EVERTHING! I had to reinstall all my applications, data and try to remember the notes and writings I had saved. I am still not even half way done with the restoration. But, I tried not to let it get me down. I ate some subway, took a bath and went to bed.

Thursday brought a new day and a new sense of optimism came with it. It was so funny that we now have an administrative block on our computers at work and nobody can download anything without getting our IT department's approval. It doesn't affect me in the slightest. Sucks to be them, but I'm alright. I went to parent/teacher conference and Rajanee was happy, because she now has her cellphone back.

Friday is here and I am ready for the weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely moms who have touched my life in so many ways. Thank you all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random things that irritate me...

In no particular order (and some I don't even know why)...

* boys/men wearing skinny jeans

* boys "sagging" (showing ya ass aint cute)

* loud people

* mya and miguel

* girls dressing like little tramps

* people who "friend" you on facebook, then never say a word to you

* waiting all day on a package that doesnt arrive until evening

* people calling me to ask the same question I just answered 5 minutes ago

* Mcdonald's doesnt carry the chicken biscuit anymore

* ATMs that charge a "service fee"

* stupid people

* cameroonians

* my grandma moving my stuff!

* being late for anything

* kids talking about weed and thinking its cool

* people with ugly feet who wear cute shoes

* bad weaves

* skinny people thinking they can't have a heart attack or get diabetes


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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rub a dub dub go my thighs

I finally realized why my shoes were always worn down on the outside, well actually its just my left shoe. My right is worn on the inside. See I have fallen arches and I'm pigoen toed. I had to wear buster brown shoes through 2nd grade. They were hideous and didn't do a darn thing for my feet. Then the doc tells my mom that if she has put my shoes on the wrong feet when I was a baby (before I started walking) then they would've been straight. Well, how the heck was she supposed to know how my feet were going to be?

Anyway, back to the rubbing thighs...I didn't think much of my waddle until now. As I was going through some boxes in my basement today, I noticed that all of my shoes had the same rubbed off pattern on the heals. So, it seems that those of us with fat thighs can't help leaning to the sides because our feet never touch.

So, for my love of shoes I vow to get rid of these thighs once and for all!

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