Monday, August 9, 2010

Give me one moment in time

I remember singing this song in the Northern High Shool choir. I really miss it. I have been in many church and community choirs, even sang in a band for a while. "The Sign" was my signature song. None of these compared to the feeling I got from being in the school choir. I looked forward to senior year when I'd get a chance to direct at graduation, the tradition started for us by the best choir director to ever teach!

Enter Ms. Livingston...she took over when our original director got a better job as principal at another school. We missed her terribly for several reasons. Not only did our entire song selection and singing style change, but we didn't get to sing at any of the places we used to like the local nursing homes, homeless shelters, and most importantly the solo ensemble festival for which we had taken first place three years runnning. Directing the choir at graduation was also out. We all hated her, but nothing could compare to what happened at the Evening of the Arts, "moment" of this post.

We had always been grouped with two other schools to sing a number that would be the opening act for this wonderful evening hosted at the glorious Detroit FOX theatre. Its the day before the event and we go to the theatre to rehearse the song with everyone. We're on stage and the director, a teacher from one of the other schools announces which song it is and our choir looks around at each other like we've just heard a family member had died. Why? Because our "director" never taught us the song. It was the most humiliating moment of my life and I, along with the rest of the choir never forgave her.
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