Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No one can choose just one

It is a hard to pick a favorite memory as I have so many. All of my high school days were very memorable, some days I wish I could go back to that time. I can't forget the choir, volley ball team and Spanish class, where I had the most fun, and running to Ms. Ayler's History class because I didn't want to get hit with the ruler for being late. Two senior trips; one to Florida and the other to Ghana, where I met some of the most wonderful people I've ever encountered in my whole life. The bats in the trees were not a welcome sight, but the overwhelming feeling of love from that country was amazing!

The birth of my daughter was very memorable in that it was a milestone in my life and I remember saying "I wanna push," the doctor telling me no, and her dad telling the story afterward so everyone could have a good laugh. She has given me the most memorable moments of my life though. From her first words, and steps, to the way I watched her personality develop and grow from my precious little girl into an independent young woman.

Both my high school and college graduations were noteworthy, more so the college one as I had all of the most important people in my life (at the time) there with me. One is missing from the picture (Khilida) as she is the one taking it.

My trip to California in 2007 was one that I will never forget. This is because I was actually old enough to enjoy it, I wasn't afraid of the banana trees anymore, I spent time with all my relatives that I hadn't seen since I was a kid, and I got to see all the places my cousins had told me about. The place I loved the most was the Bubba Gump restaurant in San Fransisco! I got to see all the things made famous by one of my favorite movies of all time...Forrest Gump. Food, Family, and Forrest, what could be better.

I've watched all the kids in my life grow up right before my eyes, but none has touched me more than DeShon, my pseudo son, who graduated top of his class last year and has truly demonstrated what a responsible young man he has become. I have never been prouder.

While these are only a few of the memorable moments of my life, I hope to make many more great memories in the future.

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