Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rub a dub dub go my thighs

I finally realized why my shoes were always worn down on the outside, well actually its just my left shoe. My right is worn on the inside. See I have fallen arches and I'm pigoen toed. I had to wear buster brown shoes through 2nd grade. They were hideous and didn't do a darn thing for my feet. Then the doc tells my mom that if she has put my shoes on the wrong feet when I was a baby (before I started walking) then they would've been straight. Well, how the heck was she supposed to know how my feet were going to be?

Anyway, back to the rubbing thighs...I didn't think much of my waddle until now. As I was going through some boxes in my basement today, I noticed that all of my shoes had the same rubbed off pattern on the heals. So, it seems that those of us with fat thighs can't help leaning to the sides because our feet never touch.

So, for my love of shoes I vow to get rid of these thighs once and for all!

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