Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The title of one my favorite songs by the group Danity Kane, who have long since dismantled, and also my favorite creative method of writing, brings me joy and pain at times. 

While I am no poet, I did come across this award I received for posting a poem I wrote on a site years ago.  It made me smile, even though I didn't think the poem was that great and they only gave me the award so I would buy their book, which I didn't.  The poem was ironically called Destiny, which is what I truly think writing is for me. 

I also received a poetry book in my gift basket that I won during the University Christmas party last year.  I think I should take a look at it now to get my creative juices flowing. Here's the actual poem...


Divine being ordains it
Life sustains it
Everything happens for a reason
A consequence for every action
Shunning it is impossible
Fate is undeniable
To be a victim of circumstance
is to be an enemy of innovation
Invincible necessity
That’s what destiny is
Now forever etched in
the fixed order of things
Yearning for acceptance

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